Concentric Circles Recruiting

People are most likely to agree to volunteer when they are asked directly to do so by someone they know. Your current volunteers, staff, board members, riders, and others associated with your organization are your best tools for outreach. When they are spreading the word about how rewarding and enjoyable it is to volunteer for your service, you are already halfway to recruting new volunteers.

Encourage your volunteers and others to talk about what your service and what they are doing, and to ask others to help as well. If they need help starting those conversations, here are a few examples of ways to approach the topic that might be helpful-

“I recently began volunteering for an organization called __________________. I drive seniors in my community to a variety of places, and get reimbursed for part of my mileage. This volunteering opportunity is perfect for me because it accommodates my busy schedule, while still allowing me to interact directly with people and see the difference I am making in their lives! I know that they are still looking for more volunteers; I would recommend that you contact them for more information. ” 

“I’ve met so many interesting people during the driving that I have been doing as a volunteer for ___________________. I know that someday I may not be able to drive myself anymore, and I am glad that I can help people to remain independent. As the population ages this becomes a bigger and bigger issue that needs to be addressed. Have you thought about being a volunteer driver?” 

“I had no idea that the need for volunteer drivers was so extensive! I recently started volunteering as a driver at ____________ and the riders I have met are so grateful for the service.  I’m often paired up with the same riders, so I have really gotten to know them and understand the impact that the service makes in their lives. I’m glad that I can help and it only takes a little bit of my time. More volunteers are needed, do you think you could spare a few hours a month to help seniors in your community?” 

“I love being involved in my community and feeling like I am making a difference.  I started volunteering with ___________, which has been great. I can easily fit it into my schedule and they have been very flexible with the time they ask me to commit. It is great to get to do something where I can directly work with people and bank credits towards my future transportation needs at the same time!” 

“When my parent stopped driving I was so worried that we wouldn’t be able to get him/her to all the appointments that were scheduled, much less take care of all the errands that independent living requires. I was so glad when she/he got hooked up with _______________ and I am glad to help out by volunteering some time to help offset the cost for her. I know you are dealing with a similar issue with your parent/grandparent. Have you thought about being a volunteer driver?”