February 22, 2019

Program Features

Small towns are good at taking care of their own. It’s part of rural life: neighbor helping neighbor, a close-knit sense of community. ITNCountry builds on this tradition, putting modern tools previously available only to metro areas into the hands of any town, city or region. With ITNCountry anyone can build a community-based transportation solution that connects vehicles, drivers and riders with businesses, healthcare providers and families. ITNCountry. Because your town is unique.

On-line Learning System

ITNCountry communities gain access to ITN’s training portal and information exchange, our ride coordination software, administrative forms, logos, brand management, monthly communication templates and marketing materials as well as web presence.

Uses ITNAmerica Model

ITN’s innovative, award winning organizational model has been providing rides for more than two decades. ITNCountry communities will gain access to such ITN programs as “Car Trade”, Transportation Social Security, Ride & Shop, Healthy Miles, Ride Services, and Personal Transportation Accounts.

Local Solution with National Support

ITNCountry plugs even small, remote communities into the ITN network, giving them access to a national system connecting families across geographic distances and leveraging broader sponsorship opportunites.

Volunteers or Paid Staff

Rural transportation programs often run with little or no paid staff. ITNCountry is designed to allow your community to choose to run the program with only volunteers or with only paid staff, or with a combination of the two. Whatever your community chooses, ITNCountry can help you do it.