February 22, 2019


ITN is one of the best things in my life. Some years ago, I quit driving on […] heavily traveled highways because the traffic and driving behavior of others terrified me. I still drive locally […] but when I have to go farther than that, I call ITN. The day is coming when I won’t want to drive even around here, but I’m not worrying about that anymore. I have lots of family and friends who help out also, but I have ITN for the heavy duty driving. And I’ve met some of the nicest people on the planet. Thanks for being here.

ITN Rider, Customer Satisfaction Survey

No matter how troublesome my life seems to be at any given moment, giving a ride takes me out of my stuff and into a place where my troubles seem less important. I feel good about myself when I give a ride. And, almost always, the rider tells me how much they appreciate the ITN service.

-ITN Volunteer Driver