Do you want to volunteer to drive?

First, please find your local provider in our network. If there isn’t one in your area, search the Rides In Sight database of 15,000 transportation providers. You may also register to receive updates from America’s Volunteer Driver Center, coming soon.

If there is no provider in your vicinity, consider starting your own community-based, nonprofit transportation solution. The Community in the Cloud walks you through the entire process.  Or, join us for one of our twice-monthly live webinars. Register or Contact Us.

I, or someone I know needs transportation. What do I do?

Visit Rides In Sight, ITNAmerica’s searchable online database with 15,000 public and private transportation options across the country, or call the toll-free hotline (855-607-4337) for free personalized service from trained staff.

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How can I learn more about ITNCountry?

By transforming traditional transportation software into a cloud-based solution that incorporates all the elements of a successful mobility program, ITNCountry is truly a first of its kind platform designed to streamline operations from marketing to reporting. ITNCountry offers live presentations the first and third Tuesday of every month at 1 pm EST. Learn about the ITNCountry platform, see a demo of the ITNRides 2.0 software and ask questions. Register or  Contact Us.

Interested in starting a Community Mobility Program? 

Mobility is crucial  to quality of life. Affordable, easy-to-use, and flexible transportation options are essential for accessing work and health care services, establishing and maintaining social and family contacts, and preserving independence. 

ITNCountry is a dynamic model to address the transportation needs of rural communities, particularly the needs of older adults and individuals with mobility challenges. Depending on the preferences and needs of your community, service can be provided 24/7 or within any other time parameter. It can also be customized to run with volunteer drivers, paid drivers, or a combination. ITNCountry can be started in any community and run as an independent nonprofit or as a program within an existing nonprofit or governmental organization.

Rides can be paid for through cash exchanges or many other innovative methods developed by ITNAmerica. These are saved in Personal Transportation Accounts, where members may accrue credits and cash to exchange for rides. Ride credits can be earned by volunteer drivers for their own use or for others. Older adults and others who stop driving may trade a motor vehicle for ride credits.  Merchants may help to pay for rides through the Ride & Shop program, and health care providers may participate through Healthy Miles and Ride Services. 

If you are interested in introducing ITNCountry in your community, you may take user-friendly online courses to learn how to start and run a service, access materials and marketing programs, and connect to all ITNCountry services in other communities through the program’s ride coordination software. All steps of the Community Mobility Program deployment are supported by ITNAmerica

We offer live presentations the first and third Tuesday of every month at 1 pm EST. Join us and learn more about starting your Community Mobility Program, see a demo of our software and ask questions Register or  Contact Us.

Looking to update your current transportation service or mobility program?

ITNCountry can be started in any community. It can be run as an independent nonprofit or as a program within an existing community organization. ITNCountry offers world-class technology for volunteer management, optimized routing, logistics, reporting, billing and communication with human support that can take your current transportation or mobility program to a new level. 

Transportation powered by ITNCountry uses ITNRides 2.0 software, built on the Salesforce platform with routing algorithms specifically designed for nonprofit community-based transportation for older adults and people with mobility challenges. ITNRides benefits from ITNAmerica‘s 25 years of experience supporting more than 1.4 million rides. The software contains a 178-field research database with access to pre-made and customizable reports. 

Enhanced services available to all include: additional software users, satisfaction surveys, financial services, and consulting for marketing, fundraising, and volunteer recruitment.

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