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Apply for a free year of  the ITNCountry program: Software, Training, and Support

ITNAmerica welcomes volunteer nonprofit transportation providers and startups to apply for a free year of ITNCountry, ITNAmerica’s newest mobility program that includes state-of-the-art transportation software, customized online training, and support to take nonprofit transportation to the next level.

ITNCountry uses world-class ITNRides 2.0 technology, built on Salesforce with ESRI routing algorithms, to support ride logistics and routing, volunteer management, billing, reporting, training, award-winning marketing programs and fundraising. The ITNRides technology has supported more than 1.5 million rides.

Every ITNCountry transportation provider may customize and manage their own customer relationship management (CRM) database of riders, drivers, funders and donors. Additionally, each ITNCountry customer is eligible for $1,000 or more for subsidized eye healthcare ride costs.



ITNCountry Software And Support Includes:

Cutting-Edge Ride Coordination
•  State-of-the-art software built on the Salesforce platform for seamless tracking of outreach and fundraising efforts. Customizable customer relationship management (CRM) database of riders, drivers, funders, and donors

Personalized Training and Support
•  One-on-one training with ITNAmerica staff during onboarding
•  Assistance through a help desk
•  Access to online resources and informative training videos, help articles, and webinars for continuous training

Generous Grants For Eye Healthcare Rides
•  Earn $1,000 or more in reimbursement for rides to eye healthcare appointments

Unlock Signature ITN Programs
•  Benefit from exclusive programs like Ride Services, Car Trade, Healthy Miles, Ride and Shop, and Roads Scholarship

Empowering Marketing Materials
•  Access customizable marketing materials for your community’s branding
•  Utilize captivating images for flyers, cards, and social media assets

National Network Connections
•  Join a thriving community with connections to 87+ communities

Influence Decision-Making
•  Voting representation on ITNAmerica’s prestigious national board

Feedback Matters
•  Participate in the Annual Volunteer Satisfaction Survey for continuous improvement

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Upcoming Information Sessions
To ask questions about this opportunity, or to learn more about the ITN
Country platform, register for an information session by clicking the links below: Coming Soon

Click here for the opportunity application.


If you have any questions, please contact ITNCountry’s Community Outreach Manager at itncountry@itnamerica.org or call 207-517-5787

This opportunity is made possible through the generous support of Regeneron Pharmaceuticals. 


ITNCountry Testimonials

“We launched Independence Rides with a service area comprising urban, suburban, and ‘rural-ish’ communities with significantly different personalities. This built-in adaptability is why we are still serving today and is key in our ability to adapt our service to the unique needs of Detroit.” – Carl Wellborn Executive Director at Independence Rides, Detroit, MI Powered by iTNCountry since 2021

“ITNCountry has provided the tools and support for Kennebunk to build and launch a successful program built on the model of neighbors helping neighbors. I hope other municipalities will see the value of ITNCountry’s platform. If you work it into your budget and staff, it’s going to be there for you.” – Karen Winton Community and Economic Development Director at Kennector, Kennbunk, ME Powered by ITNCountry since 2021.