The ITN model was born out of near disaster: When Katherine Freund’s son was three, he was seriously
injured by an 84-year-old driver. The accident provoked Freund to react, but instead of lashing out at
the driver she became angry at a system ill equipped to support aging residents. Crashes caused by older
people were not the problem, Freund knew: They were the result of a transportation system incapable
of meeting the needs of an aging population. So, she decided to change the system.

That decision has shaped ITNAmerica’s national network, now supporting almost 100 communities
across the country. ITNAmerica’s latest program, ITNCountry, builds on this by offering communities of any size the technology, marketing innovations, and wealth of experience previously
unattainable to community-based nonprofit programs.

ITNCountry offers world-class technology for ride logistics and routing, volunteer management, billing,
reporting, and fundraising. Based on ITNAmerica’s 25 years of experience, ITNRides has supported more
than 1.3 million rides.